MR Dental Heat Cure Powder 2 Kg
MR Dental Heat Cure Powder 2 Kg

MR Dental

MR Dental Heat Cure Powder 2 Kg

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MR Dental Rapid Repair Powder is 100% compatible with any Rapid Repair Liquid available.

Contents: 1 Jar
Net Weight : 2 Kg
Gross Weight :

Other Variants : 400g

Expiry Date: 10/2026

Instruction For Use:-

Meadway Rapid Repair Acrylic Non Slumping - Quick Setting

No "Pressure Pot" Needed For Hard Dense Repairs, Additions or Relines.


The broken denture addition or reline is prepared in the usual way.

The powder & liquid are mixed to a creamy consistency (1.3g powder to 1.0ml liquid). Care should be taken when mixing to ensure that no air is trapped.

After approximately 30 seconds, the mix is ready to use & a thin coat should be applied over all the prepared & into the cracks. The material will then begin to reach the 'non-slumping' so that the remainder of the repair / addition can be built up. Care must be taken to ensure that no air is trapped during these operations.

It is not necessary to use a 'pressure pot' to cure this material & perfect results will be produced, provided no air as been trapped during the mixing or building up stages, although, pot could be used, if desired to speed-up the process. The setting time in atmospheric conditions is 15 to 17 minutes at 21°C.

Store in a cool dry place way from direct sunlight. Shake well & read instructions before use.

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