Brulon Biokalgin Pro Chromatic Alginate


Brulon Biokalgin Pro Chromatic Alginate

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Flavour: Zingy Orange Flavour

Chromatic Color Effect:
Reddish Orange to Yellow

High quality Alginate with enriched formula for enhanced reproduction of details of a patient’s teeth structure. Biokalgin Pro alginate is dust-free, thixotropic, dimensionally stable, highly elastic, incorporated with color change effect.

Biokalgin Pro alginate exhibits excellent biocompatibility. Thanks to concoction of natural, food-grade substances which minimises the possible allergic reactions in patients. Thus, making it suitable in general clinical practice. Flavour: Zingy Orange

Times for Clinical Use

Mixing Time ……………0’45”

Total Working Time…..1’35”

Initial Setting Time……2’05“

Setting Time…………….2’35”

Setting time includes mixing time & working time  based upon mixing of powder with demineralised water at 23oC-73oF. Temperature variation or water hardness can cause changes in the total working & setting time. Hot Water would reduce the setting time, while Cold Water would increase the setting time.

Do not mix with any other product.


Recommended for:

  • Study Models
  • Removable & fixed prosthesis antagonists
  • Temporary prosthesis
  • Pediatric dentistry

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Dust free formulation to protect operator health, limiting the suspension of particles in the environment & resulting inhalation.
  • Perfect reproduction of details in presence of significant undercuts. Thanks to high elasticity & resistance to tear.
  • Infinite Impressions with high precision
  • Thixotropic. The alginate will not drip into patient’s mouth.
  • The easy to use formulation allows alginate to absorb water rapidly & facilitate mixing.
  • 5 years of shelf life from the date of manufacturing.