Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500 RVG
Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500 RVG
Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500 RVG
Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500 RVG


Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500 RVG

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OraDect Pro DDX 1500 Digital Radiography

  • Water Resistant
  • 3 Meter Long Cable
  • Direct Plug & Play
  • ESD Proof Case
  • Excellent Cable Consistency
  • Dental RVG Slim Profile
  • Long Lasting Reinforced Multi Core Cable

Warranty: 3 Years

  • Warranty & Service is handled by the manufacturer/importer directly.
  • Daant Wale will not be liable to replace the product and the liability to replace the product is that of Manufacturer/Importer.
  • Daant Wale customer support team may assist the customer in registering the request to get the product replaced or serviced.
  • Product once sold will not be replaced or exchanged if the seal is intact or altered in any manner.
  • Warranty against defective material and workmanship for a period of 3 Years from the date of delivery and under normal conditions only.
  • Normal conditions do not include damage due to breakage or misuse. The product is self contained and hence no precentive maintenance is required.
  • Technical support for the maintenance and updates will be provided online.
  • Damage/Failure due to improper use of the product and also due to use of unrequired software will not be considered under warranty.

Technical Specifications

Brand Evolve
Model OraDect Pro DDX 1500
 Technology CMOS Sensor With Structured Micro Columnar Fiber Optic Scintillator
Sensor Dimension
36 mm x 26 mm x 5 mm with rounded corners
Active Area
20 mm x 30 mm
Pixel Resolution
1050 x 1580 pixels
Pixel Size
19 microns x 19 microns
Sensor resolution
> 20 line pairs/mm
USB 2.0 / 3.0 Speed
Cable Length
3 Meter
Water Resistant
Auto Stand By For Power Saving