Mani Short Barbed Broaches


Mani Short Barbed Broaches

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Contraindications and prohibitions
Do not use in patients who are sensitive or allergic to this
Do not use the product unsterilized.

Intended user
This product shall be used only by dentists who are familiar
with dental techniques.

Target patient group
All patients receiving dental treatment.

Clinical benefits
It contributes to the pulpectomy or penetration/enlargement
of the root canal in dental treatment.

Shape and materials
Working part: Stainless steel
Handle: Aluminum

Intended use or effects
Long tapered dental severing instruments with a blade used
to form/enlarge a hole in the root canal or to extract the pulp.

Instructions for use
Select instruments with an optimal size according to the
intended use, and use it to extract the pulp from the root

Precautions for use
1. Sterilize by autoclaving to prevent infection, and confirm
that the product is sterilized before use.
2. Use the product with great care not to puncture fingers,
etc. due to having a shar blade.
3. Use protective glasses, etc. to prevent eye damage.
Wear a dust mask during operation to prevent sucking
dust generated during operation.
4. Before and after use, check the product for deformation,
scratch, crack, etc. outside the patient's mouth, and if
any scratch or damage is found on the product or if the
cutting performance is decreased, replace and discard
the product.
5. If the head is slim, long, or large, avoid using the
product at an unreasonable angle or under excessive
pressure that may cause breaking or bending.
6. Attach a chain, thread, etc. to the opening hole of the
handle to prevent fall into the oral cavity.
7. Use a rubber dam or gauze screen to prevent accidental
ingestion/aspiration. For patients with a high risk of
accidental ingestion/aspiration, the sitting position shall
be used for treatment as much as possible, avoiding the
horizontal position.
8. When reusing, completely remove adhered foreign
matters by washing and sterilize by autoclaving.
9. Long-time immersion in a corrosive solution such as
EDTA and sodium hypochlorite may cause corrosion;
thus, attention should be paid to such solution.
10. Do not store the product under a germicidal lamp to
avoid degradation.
11. Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged.

Cleaning method (including treatment before
1. After use, immediately perform cleaning by the following
procedure to prevent drying and solidification of blood,
body tissues, etc. adhered to the product.
2. Immerse in medical detergent (enzymatic). The
concentration, temperature, immersion time, etc. should
be according to the instruction manual of the detergent.
3. Remove foreign matters such as blood and body tissues
by using a brush, and carefully clean the areas where it is
difficult for the brush to reach. (Rub with a brush while
immersed in medical detergent.)
4. Clean by ultrasonic with medical detergent (enzyme
system). The cleaning time, etc. should be according to
the instruction manual of the medical detergent.
5. When performing ultrasonic cleaning, hold it on a stand,
etc. so that the working components of products do not
touch each other.
6. Thoroughly rinse off the medical detergent.
7. Check visually whether there remain any adhered
substances such as blood and body tissues, etc. If any
adhered substance is found, repeat the above procedure
from 1 to 4.
8. Dry the product. (Air blow, etc.)

Sterilization method
1. Before use, clean and sterilize by the following method.
2. Sterilization method: Put it in a sterilization tray or stand,
and place it in a sterilization pack (or foil) to autoclave
under either of the following conditions:
Sterilization conditions
Condition (1) Temperature = 121°C, time = not less
than 20 min
Condition (2) Temperature = 126°C, time = not less
than 15 min
Condition (3) Temperature = 134°C, time = not less
than 3.5 min
3. When performing the drying process, dry at 175°C or
lower for less than 30 min.

1. Carefully handle when disposing of this product due to
having a sharp blade.
2. This product should be discarded appropriately as medical

Manufacturer’s name and address
8-3 Kiyohara Industrial Park, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, 321-3231,
inquiry and reference: dental department
Tel: +81.28.667.8592 Fax: +81.28.667.8593
Bd. Général Wahis, 53 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Tel +32.2.732.59.54 Fax +32.2.732.60.03

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