MR Dental Heat Cure Powder
MR Dental Heat Cure Powder

MR Dental

MR Dental Heat Cure Powder

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Shade:Veined Pink
Size:450 gm

Brand : MR Dental

MR Dental Heat Cure Powder is 100% compatible with any Heat Cure Liquid available.

Instruction For Use:-
Meadway Heat Cure Acrylic
1 - Dispense approximately 5-10 ml of Heat Cure Liquid into a mixing vessel & sprinkle the Heat Cure Powder onto the liquid over a period of 30-40 seconds. Tap gently, 2-3 times on the side of the mixing pot & remove any excess powder by inverting the vessel & spatulate for 45-60 seconds.

2 - If standard measuring equipment is available then use 23.4g powder: 10ml liquid ratio or subsequently use 3.5 part volume of powder: 1 part volume of liquid.

3 - The material will dough in 15 (± 3 minutes) at 23°C.

Packing of Material :
Pack the dough material into the mould & cover with a polythene sheet. Replace the flask lid & apply pressure slowly under the bench press. Open the flask, remove the polythene sheet & also remove or cut the excess flask material around the mould with a sharp instrument. Replace the flask lid & close completely under the bench press again. Transfer to a security flask clamp prior to curing.
Note : To achieve optimum result, the temperature of the flask, when packed should be 20°C-30°C.

Curing the Material :
Immerse the clamped flask(s) in cold, warm or boiling water & bring slowly to a boil, not quicker than 7-10 minutes & boil for 20 minutes. It is mandatory toensure that the flask(s) should be fully covered by at least 5-7cm under the water. An extra thicker section can be cured by the following method:-
Immerse the clamped flask(s) into boiling water & turn off the source of the heat supplied for 20 minutes, then reheat & bring the water slowly to boil for further 20 minutes.

Reverse Cure. Overnight Cure

Store in a cool dry place way from direct sunlight. Shake well & read instructions before use.

Manufactured in England by
MR. Dental Supplies Limited
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Surrey, GU22 9JX, England
Tel: +44(0) 1483 773282
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