DFS NDN Dental Alloy / Metal

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DFS NDN Dental Alloy / Metal

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Nickle Chrome Bonding Alloy For Crown & Bridge Work

Contents: 1Kg Alloy/Metal


Density 8.4 g/cm³
 Melting Range
Casting Temperature 1500°C
Preheating Temperature of Mould 900-950°C
Coefficient of expansion 20-600°C
CTE 14.1 μm/mK
Vickers Hardness 194 HV10
Elongation at rupture 16%
Tensile Strength 546 N/mm2
Yield Strength 309 N/mm2
E-Modulus 172.000 N/mm2
Chemical Compound

Ni 62%, Cr 24.50%, Mo 11%, Si 1.7%, Fe 0.5%, Traces: Co, C


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