Ruthinium Chromatic Alginate

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Ruthinium Chromatic Alginate

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Dr.Naveen Prabhu
It doesn't set

I have sent it back ...It's doesn't set .2018 packing has been sent.... wouldn't have ordered if it was mentioned in the site

Dust free alginate for dental impressions.

1 x 450g Bag

Flavour Mint
Mixing Time 60 seconds
Working Time 60-110 seconds
Initial Setting Time 10-120 seconds
Temperature 5°C-27°C

For Professional Dental Use Only

Instructions for use

  1. Mix the powder before using.
  2. Take one dose of water and add a spoon of powder.
  3. Mix for some seconds and apply it vigorously with the spatula.
  4. Fill the tray and position it in the mouth; keep it fixed during the whole time necessary for the print to harden (60").
  5. Remove the mold and rinse it. Then dry & pour the plaster model as soon as possible. Mixing ratio powder/water: 21g - 40ml.
    Changes in temperature and water hardness, speed and friction applied while mixing may cause small variations in terms  of processing and completion time, which are indicated by color changes in chromatic alginate. Store in cool and dry areas and well closed.

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Ruthinium Group
Ruthinium Dental Products Pvt Ltd