Septodont Plastalgin Chromatic Alginate

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Septodont Plastalgin Chromatic Alginate

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Septodont Dust Free Plastalgin Chromatic Alginate Impression Material for dental impressions.

1 x 454g Bag

Flavour: Caramel and Banana


Accurate impression for case study and orthodontic models, fabrication of models for mouthguards, provisional restorations, bleaching trays, partial denture frameworks and occlusal splint appliances.

Features & benefits

  • Available both for “normal” setting (Plastalgin) and “quick” setting (Plastalgin Fast) to adapt to different clinical situations.
  • Class A alginates for accurate impressions.
  • Naturally hydrophilic for an easy mix and excellent wettability of oral tissues.
  • Quick and easy to mix without bubbles and inconsistencies.
  • Patient and user-friendly, Apple-flavoured (Plastalgin) or Apricot-flavoured (Plastalgin Fast).
  • Dust free formula.
Mix Ratio

Always keep to the proportion of two measures of (16g) powder to a full measure of water (36ml) To measure the powder, fill a measure full and level it  without compressing, using a spatula. Mix the water and powder for 45 seconds.

For Professional Dental Use Only

Manufacture By:
Septodont Healthcare India Pvt Ltd