Tru Lon Max Lubricating Spray

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Tru Lon Max Lubricating Spray

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Size:500 ml

Lubricating Oil Spray For Low & High Speed Dental Handpiece

Trulon Max

1 x Spray Bottle


  • Wipe down the handpiece with a damp disposable cloth to remove all debris
  • Connect the nozzle adapter to the back end of the handpiece Spray lubricant into handpiece for approximately 3 seconds
  • Lubricate the handpiece chuck and speed ring by inserting 1-2 drops of oil then excercise (open and close chuck / turn speed ring side to side
  • Connect handpiece to an air supply
  • Run motor for 10 seconds to ensure the lubricant has reached all moving parts
  • Dry the exterior of the handpiece with a dry towel to remove any expelled fluid or debris. The handpiece should be completely dry at this point

Direction for Use:
Shake gently use. For best results, spray from a distance of 12 inches (30 cm). Keep can upright & maintain full pressure on value while spraying. Spray uniformly over the spray.