Zhermack Tropicalgin


Zhermack Tropicalgin

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Zhermack Tropicalgin is a chromatic alginate for versatile use.

The chromatic variation provides the practitioner with a visual guide when processing the material for impression taking.
It is available in Fast and Extra-Fast Setting Time versions to satisfy the diverse requirements of professional dentists.

1 x 453g Bag

Characteristics: Chromatic
Flavour: Mango Scent
Setting Time: 2min 35sec
Normal Setting


  • The chromatic variation provides practitioners with a visual guide during the various processing phases: red during mixing, orange during the working phase and yellow during positioning in the patient’s mouth
  • Different setting times(Fast/Extra Fast)*: to satisfy different dentists’ requirements
  • Its characteristic scent favours patient comfort
  • Products not available on all markets

Manufactured By:
Zhermack S.p.A. | via Bovazecchino, 100
45021 Badia Polesine (Rovigo) Italy